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Foxin Turbo Laser Barcode Scanner BIS Approved, Handheld 1 D USB Wired Barcode Reader Optical Laser High Speed for POS System Supermarket

* Wired Design: Comes with a 2-meter standard cable for ease in scanning operations. * Consistent & Reliable Scanning: With massive storage capacity, it supports more than 3 mil barcodes. * High-Intensity Laser Reader: With sharp aim and-shoot high-intensity laser reading, the reader is capable of scanning 300 scans per second for fast and accurate data entry applications. * Dust Proof & Water Resistant: Encased in water-resistant and dustproof housing, these are designed to be highly durable in any challenging environment. * Portable & Lightweight: The distinct ergonomic design of the reader makes it an ultimate solution for retail and warehouse applications where the convenience of a portable and lightweight reader is required.
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