LVDS Cable for Hp 15-R, 15R, 15 R, 15-R031DS, 15-R040ER, 15-R004XX, 15-R005EE, 15-R001EL, 15-R001LA, 15-R009SX, Laptop Led Screen Cable

Product codeHp -15-R, 15R, 15 R, 15-R031DS, 15-R040ER, 15-R004XX, 15-R005EE, 15-R001EL, 15-R001LA, 15-R009SX, Laptop Led Screen Cable
5.00 Cashback
Availability 7 in stock



HP 15-R031DS HP 15-R031NA HP 15-R031NE HP 15-R031NF HP 15-R031NX HP 15-R031SI HP 15-R031ST HP 15-R031SV HP 15-R031SW HP 15-R031TU HP 15-R031TX HP 15-R032DS HP 15-R032NA HP 15-R032ND HP 15-R032NX HP 15-R032TU HP 15-R032TX HP 15-R033CA HP 15-R033DS HP 15-R033NA HP 15-R033ND HP 15-R033NX HP 15-R033TU HP 15-R033TX HP 15-R034CA HP 15-R034DS HP 15-R034NA HP 15-R034NG HP 15-R034TU HP 15-R034TX HP 15-R035DS HP 15-R035TU HP 15-R035TX HP 15-R036DS HP 15-R036TU HP 15-R036TX HP 15-R037TU HP 15-R037TX HP 15-R038CA HP 15-R038NG HP 15-R038TU HP 15-R038TX HP 15-R039CA HP 15-R039TU HP 15-R039TX HP 15-R040ER HP 15-R040NA HP 15-R040NF HP 15-R040NG HP 15-R040SH HP 15-R040SM HP 15-R040SQ HP 15-R040SR HP 15-R040TU HP 15-R040TX HP 15-R034NX HP 15-R034SV HP 15-R004XX HP 15-R005EE HP 15-R005EI HP 15-R005LA HP 15-R005NA HP 15-R005NC HP 15-R005NE HP 15-R005NIA HP 15-R005NP HP 15-R005NS HP 15-R005SE HP 15-R005SI HP 15-R005ST HP 15-R005TU HP 15-R005TX HP 15-R006EO HP 15-R006LA HP 15-R006NC HP 15-R006NE HP 15-R006NIA HP 15-R006NK HP 15-R006NL HP 15-R006NP HP 15-R006NX HP 15-R006ST HP 15-R006SX HP 15-R006TU HP 15-R006TX HP 15-R007NC HP 15-R007NE HP 15-R007NF HP 15-R007NIA HP 15-R007NL HP 15-R007NS HP 15-R007SX HP 15-R007TU HP 15-R007TX HP 15-R008NC HP 15-R008NE HP 15-R008NF HP 15-R008NIA HP 15-R008NP HP 15-R HP 15-R000 HP 15-R001EE HP 15-R001EI HP 15-R001EL HP 15-R001LA HP 15-R001NA HP 15-R001NC HP 15-R001NE HP 15-R001NIA HP 15-R001NS HP 15-R001SE HP 15-R001SI HP 15-R001SIA HP 15-R001SL HP 15-R001TU HP 15-R001TX HP 15-R002EE HP 15-R002EI HP 15-R002NC HP 15-R002NE HP 15-R002NIA HP 15-R002SE HP 15-R002SI HP 15-R002SX HP 15-R002TU HP 15-R002TX HP 15-R003EE HP 15-R003EI HP 15-R003NA HP 15-R003NC HP 15-R003NE HP 15-R003NG HP 15-R003NK HP 15-R003NP HP 15-R003NS HP 15-R003SE HP 15-R003SI HP 15-R003SV HP 15-R003TU HP 15-R003TX HP 15-R004EI HP 15-R004NC HP 15-R004NE HP 15-R004NIA HP 15-R004NP HP 15-R004NX HP 15-R004SC HP 15-R004SI HP 15-R004TU HP 15-R004TX HP 15-R008NS HP 15-R008TU HP

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Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 4 cm



Compatible Moda

15-R 15-G 15-S 15-H 250-G3

Connector type

40 pin

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